Pillow Rating or Review Removal Policy

Pillow Rating or Review Removal Policy

Pillow’s default position is NOT to censor, edit, or delete ratings or reviews left by guests. However, there are some rare cases where Pillow will remove ratings or reviews.

We will remove ratings or reviews that violate any of the following:

  • Reviews that are threatening, defamatory, inappropriate, or discriminatory
  • Off-topic reviews involving comments not specific to the reviewable task or property
  • Reviews that disclose personal and confidential information

In the case a low rating is received without comments, Pillow may reach out to the guests to receive feedback. Guests have the opportunity to re-rate any previous ratings left behind. Pillow does it’s best to fairly represent it's customers and it’s pros.

If you have received a rating or review and believe it violates one of these guidelines, please contact our support team at 1-855-295-3062 and provide your report and evidence.

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