What is the Pillow cleaning policy?

For more information on fees, please visit Cleaning Fee Overview.

Using Pillow's services, it is our goal to provide a cleaning that delights guests for each and every hospitality cleaning. For more information please view, What is Included in the Hospitality Cleaning?

Pillow has a rigorous training process to ensure all of our Pros meet the highest standards of hospitality. For more information on Pillow Pros please read, Who are the Pillow service providers?

What do my guests do if they are unsatisfied with the cleaning?

Pillow uses a technology first approach, allowing guests to provide Pillow instant feedback on their experiences. Guests are able to rate the cleaning upon checkin. For more information, please see Guest Experience : Reporting issues during your stay


What if I am unhappy with the cleaning partners results?
If you are unhappy with the Pillow Pros performance, we request that you Submit a Request with specific pictures and examples from the cleaning. This feedback will be sent to Pillow's Operations team who will coach the appropriate teams. After feedback has been left, if you are still unhappy with the Pillow Pros performance, please let us know and Pillow will be able to reassign Pillow Pro's to your property. 

When are cleanings scheduled?
Pillow will schedule a cleaning before your first reservation. All future cleanings are automatically scheduled after each guest checkout after 11:00am. Please be aware that, dependent on your next scheduled check in, the start time of the cleaning activity may vary.

Where can i get more information on cleaning fees? 
Please visit our Cleaning Fee Overview in the Financial section for more information on cleaning rates.

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