How and when do I receive payment?

Property owner payout is dependent on the platform that the reservation is booked on.

Platform payout logic


Airbnb processes payment directly to the owner’s bank account 24 hours after the guest checks in for their reservation. Pillow charges owners the Pillow service fee for the reservation based off of the billing schedule selected. For example, if owners select to be billed once a month, associated credits and debits to their account get charged all at once.

HomeAway / VRBO

All reservation costs are collected by Pillow and paid out to owners via the Automated Clearing House (ACH), after deducting Pillow fees. Payments are processed via the ACH at 11AM, the day after the guest has checked out.  Please be aware that your payout of funds is dependent on your billing schedule, which is is adjustable on your Pillow Owner Dashboard.

*Please allow up to 3 business days after payment is released for your bank to process payment. If you have not received your payment as expected, please read our article on payout issues.

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