Why do you need three sets of keys?

What is each key copy used for?

To be prepared to assist your guest throughout their reservation Pillow requires three sets of keys:


  • One will be placed inside the lockbox for the guest
  • One will be placed inside the lockbox for Pillow Pros servicing the property
  • One set will be secured, to be used if there is an emergency or lockout.


What Scenarios would you need to use the backup key?

  • Guest loses the key during their stay and is locked out
  • Previous Guest forgets to return the key to the lockbox
  • A Pillow Pro needs to access property while guest is there


Do I need to supply a replacement key every time one goes missing?

Pillow is quick to replace keys, should we receive the report that any are missing. In this case, the cost of this activity is charged to the property owner but often recouped through the security deposit of the guest who misplaced or did not return the key.

In instances where a property may require high security keys, Pillow is unable to create copies. If your property uses a high security key to access the property, please be aware that we may have to reach out, should we ever need additional copies.

Pillow Tip: Avoid missing keys by installing a electronic lock. Without the hassle of keys, electronic locks save time and money for owners and guests. Property owners who choose this option will still have to provide back up keys for us to keep at the property, in the event batteries run out on the electronic systems. Interested in an electronic lock? Submit a request and we are happy to discuss next steps. 


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