What if something breaks or goes missing during a guests stay?

Does Pillow do a full inventory check after each guest?

Pillow Pros primary modus operandi is to clean, replace linens, and restock supplies. As cleaners become more familiar with a property, they are more likely to catch broken or missing items. While Pillow Pros do not take inventory of everything at the property, they are encouraged to report any damages they find while at the property. If damage is reported, a Pillow team member will reach out to the property owner and the guest to inform them of the damage and discuss next steps.

Who is liable if something breaks or goes missing?

Should a Pillow Pro notice damaged or missing items, it is forwarded to Pillow Support and the property owner is then notified as soon as possible to determine appropriate next steps. Pillow does its best to quickly and accurately report any findings to the property owner. While Pillow is not liable for any items that are damaged or go missing from your home, Pillow has specific procedures in place to provide resources to assist in recouping costs for any lost or damaged items from either your guest or your short term rental insurance provider. For more information please view our Terms of Service. Pillow encourages each property owner to remove any valuable items from their homes in order to protect your valuables while your property is being rented out.

What should I do if something breaks or goes missing?

Pillow encourages property owners to reach out to Pillow directly with any concerns that may come up regarding a reservation. This allows Pillow to properly document and react to any situations that may occur during or after a guests stay. Depending on the platform the reservation was booked on, the security deposit can be held or a resolution request can be submitted. Airbnb also offers a Host Guarantee protection plan for property damage that is eligible for coverage. If the estimated cost of the missing or damaged items totals more than the amount of the security deposit, Pillow will recommend for you to file a police report and submit a claim to your short term rental insurance.

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