What type of fees are there in addition to the standard 15% Pillow fee?

In addition to the Pillow Management Service of 15% associated with each guest reservation, Property Owners may receive common charges on their billing statement that are representative of the following:

Cleaning fees

Cleaning fees depend on the property size and configuration. Please see your Pillow dashboard for more information on your specific cleaning fee. While you will see a Post-Reservation Cleaning fee associated with every reservation, these fees will often be covered in your payout from the reservation. Property Owners are responsible for paying the initial cleaning upon first calendar availability as well as any cleanings directly following an owner blocked out period.

Linen fees

Guests can rest easy with our "Linen Packs.” Pillow provides fresh linens for guests upon arrival to ensure a pleasant stay. Each reservation includes one linen pack per sleeping surface (3 flat sheets, 2 pillowcases, and 4 bath towels).

Supply fees

Pillow is interested in giving your guests the best experience possible. This includes making sure your property is stocked with the necessary supplies that a guest may need during a reservation. This flat fee can be either paid by you, or charged to the guest as part of the cleaning fee when booking the reservation. To view these options, visit Cleaning Preferences under Settings in your Pillow Owner Dashboard.

Guest Services

In order to ensure that Pillow is able to quickly take care of any issues reported by Guests or Pillow Pros, a Property Owner's Guest Services limit is set to a default of $250. When maintenance and assistance is expected to cost below that amount, a Pillow Pro will be sent out to the property to assess and, if need be, address guest issues without first informing the Property Owner. Pillow requires this pre-approval in order to efficiently and effectively provide your guests with the maintenance the property may require during their stay.

Owner Reservation Cancellation Fee

Pillow discourages owners from cancelling reservations as it can cause serious implications on a guest’s trip, creating a stressful situation for the guest as well as an all around negative experience. Should you choose to cancel a reservation, you will be charged 50% of the full accommodation price, up to a maximum of $250.

Monthly Service Fee

Pillow’s platform optimizes the profits you can make with short-term rentals by listing your property across multiple platforms. In the effort of setting you up to maximize your profits, Pillow encourages you to maintain an open and available calendar. As a result, in addition to Pillow Management Service of 15%, there’s a monthly membership fee, which pays for the service and maintenance fees associated with listing your property across multiple platforms. This fee is waived if your Pillow account meets specific criteria.

One-time setup fee

When first joining Pillow, an initial non-refundable setup fee is charged to your account so that we can quickly and effectively get your property and listings active in our system.


For information on how to receive payment, please visit: How Do I Get Paid?

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