Reporting issues during your stay

While Pillow strives to provide a seamless experience for our guests, we understand situations may arise, which impede on a stay.  If anything comes up during your stay, whether it is due to maintenance or the services provided, Pillow’s operations are set-up to troubleshoot most issues a guest may experience.


Pillow Promise

Our top priority is to ensure that our guests rest easy, even when things come up. Since we manage reservations throughout a given city, we set expectations with our city operation team to address issues within a 4 hour window of when something is reported within business hours. In the case that there is an urgent situation (for example, if there is no water coming to the only bathroom in the home), our team is expected to troubleshoot within an hour and a half when reported between 8 am and midnight.

If you find yourself in a life threatening situation such as a fire, please contact 911 before reaching out to Pillow.


Contact Pillow

At Pillow, our team is always ready to assist you! Feel free to contact us at anytime during your stay. In addition to calling in or submitting a support ticket with us, you can always reach us by phone or sms. 

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