Additional guests or parties

Property owners often have a specified guest count, taking into factors such as wear and tear of sleeping surfaces or square footage, for their properties. At times, owners may choose to enforce additional fees, per night, per guest, after a specified number of guests, to account for such factors. However, guests staying at the property may not exceed the predetermined max count allowed.

For example, a property may have a max guest count of 8, but require guests to pay an additional $20 per night, per guest in excess of 6; therefore, for guests #7 and #8, there would be an additional charge of $40 per night. In addition, the number of guests staying at this property may not exceed 8.


Due to safety and security concerns of the property, Pillow does not allow any additional guests, outside of the reserved amount or for parties to be hosted at the property. Please note, guests are liable for damages and responsible for adhering to the property’s house rules as well as Pillow’s Terms of Service.

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