How can owners cancel future guest reservations?

Pillow discourages owners from cancelling reservations as it can cause serious implications on a guest’s trip, creating a stressful situation for the guest as well as an all around negative experience. However, we do understand that unexpected and unavoidable situations come up which may lead to this decision.

Depending on what platform your guest is booked on, there are differing steps that must be taken. First and foremost, please reach out to Pillow and notify us of your decision to cancel so we may reach out to the guest appropriately, as well as ensure all activities associated with the reservation are cancelled.



If your guest booked through Airbnb, Pillow will reach out to the guest through your Airbnb account and cancel their reservation directly through the platform. Any host cancellation made on Airbnb has a series of associated penalties . These include a $50-$100 cancellation fee, loss of super host status for one (1) calendar year, days of the original reservation will remain blocked off, and an automated posting under your reviews stating that you cancelled on a confirmed reservation. Hosts with their listing set to Instant Book may be able to cancel up to 3 times, penalty-free, if they have concerns with their guest's behaviors. For more information about Airbnb Cancellations and the penalties associated with them, please check out the following FAQ on Airbnb.



If your guest booked through HomeAway or VRBO, Pillow will also reach out to the guest directly and cancel the reservation in the Pillow system. Once we have contacted the guest and the reservation will be cancelled in our system, we will block off the dates in your calendar and confirm the cancellation was completed. This ensures that no additional reservations come in for that period.


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