Can Pillow use my existing cleaner?

Pillow has specific requirements and trainings our cleaning partners must complete prior to performing any services on our platform. In our strive to provide a seamless experience for users on our platform, Pillow takes cleaning quality extremely seriously to ensure guests and owners walk into prepared properties. All Pillow cleaning partners receive instructions on how our platform operates and receive activities on our platform which provides instructions and schedules for cleaning properties, restocking your property with Pillow supplies, and checking all access features are functioning correctly prior to the next guest.

While we understand owners may currently have cleaners and housekeepers servicing their properties, only Pillow Pros have the ability to perform services for our guests and owners, while using Pillow services. If you currently have your own housekeepers and would like to keep them, let us know by Submitting a Request. If they are willing to sign up with Pillow and receive our training, your housekeepers will most likely be able to continue to service your home under the Pillow brand.  Please note that Pillow’s cleanliness requirements are standardized to ensure consistent services across our brand and Pillow Pro's are unable to provide the custom services you may be used to. Cleaners interested in becoming a certified Pillow Pro may apply here


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