How does Pillow manage calendars and availability?

Manage your calendar through Pillow's dashboard
Every property owner is responsible for managing their own calendar availability when using the Pillow platform. The best way you make money with Pillow is to make your calendar available. We encourage you to open it up as much as possible. It's important to do this solely through the Pillow Owner Dashboard, as it overrides any changes made in the connected dashboards.  

Responsible for available dates
Be careful to only open up the days you are certain Pillow can book guests for your home, as cancelling on guests will result in penalties from Pillow as well as the associated booking platform. For more information on reservation cancellations by owners please read: How can owners cancel future guest reservations

If you decide to cancel Pillow's services please be sure to mark your open calendar dates as unavailable so that you do not receive any additional bookings. For information about service cancellation please read: I no longer wish to use Pillow’s services. How do I cancel?

For complete Pillow Terms please read here.

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