How can I help prevent guest lockouts?

As a property owner, there are several steps you can do to reduce the likelihood of lockouts:

Acquire keyless entry

Pillow recommends property owners to  default to keyless entry systems when possible. In our experience, keyless entry systems significantly decreases lockouts and improves the check in experience for guests.

Maintain a positive relationship with your Building Manager, and/or Homeowner’s Association

In conjunction with our Terms Of Service property owners are required to be in compliance with local regulations when using the Pillow platform. This includes ensuring your property is HOA-compliant as a short term rental. To ensure a positive experience for all guests, Pillow advises all property owners to keep their property manager or Homeowner’s Association informed that you are renting out your property as well as the location of the lockboxes you will be placing so that they are not removed by either your property manager of Homeowner Association.

Ensure lockboxes are in a safe and easily accessible location

While on the Pillow platform, property owners are responsible  for providing a safe location for any lockboxes on the property. If at any time you think the lockboxes could be better located, please Submit A Request and Pillow will schedule for the lockboxes to be relocated. Please include the current location and new proposed location.

How does Pillow work to resolve guest lockouts?

Anytime a Pillow vendor is at your property they complete a quality assurance check that keys are in the lockboxes to ensure everything is in order for upcoming guests. In the rare occasion that lockboxes are removed after the audit is conducted or the guest is having trouble using the key to open the door, Pillow has policies in place to assist in addressing the situation. However, if Pillow does not have enough copies of your keys or are unable to get your guest into the property in a timely manner, we may request that  your guest cancel the reservation so that we have time to replace the lockboxes and prepare your property for the next reservation. If this occurs, Pillow is not liable for any lost reservation funds.


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