Setting up my listing on multiple platforms

Once your Pillow Account is setup, our listing experts will create a profile for your property on our HomeAway/VRBO account. Additionally, if you do not already have one, you will be walked through creating an Airbnb account for your property. After these accounts have been created, it is your choice which platforms you wish for your property to be listed on. As soon as these accounts are setup they will be connected to your Pillow Account. When your property has gone live, all inquiries will be routed to our support team to field inquiries and accept bookings on your behalf.

What if I already have a HomeAway/VRBO account?

Pillow has an integration with HomeAway/VRBO that allows us to directly connect any listing under our account name with our product. Due to this, even if your property is already listed on HomeAway/VRBO, we will set up a new listing that is directly connected to your Pillow account and ask you to archive your current listing.

What if I already have an Airbnb account?

If you already have an account with Airbnb we will be able to use that same account and integrate it with your Pillow account after making a few changes. For more information regarding these changes please visit our Guide to Airbnb while with Pillow

For more information about how to decide which booking platforms you wish list your property on, check out Different Booking Platforms.

What if my property is listed on other platforms you don’t manage?

In order to prevent double bookings, miscommunication or other potential mishaps, Pillow requires that you do not list your property on any other booking platforms while using our services. If you already have accounts set up with other platforms please block off their calendars or archive your property.


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