Cleaning fee overview

Why was I charged for the cleaning fee?
There are three reasons why your account may have been charged a cleaning fee:

Guest Reservation
Since reservations are made on various platforms, there are no consistent means for Pillow to directly receive the funds from guests to cover cleaning services. While guests always pay for post-reservation cleanings, Pillow charges owners directly and owners receive reimbursement through payment of the reservation. 

Calendar days are marked as unavailable
When you block out dates on your calendar, a cleaning will automatically be generated in Pillow’s system on the day of your departure, to prepare the property for your next guests. To ensure your property is set up for the next guests, these cleanings can not be cancelled and will be billed to your Owner Account.

Request for an additional cleaning
There are times when a guest may be staying at your property long-term and may request additional cleaning services. An additional cleaning will be scheduled after guests pay the additional cleaning charge. This charge will be paid to you through the reservation payout.

In the same token, if you are staying at your property for an extended period of time and wish to use our cleaning services during your stay we will be happy to schedule that for you. To schedule an additional cleaning please submit a support ticket.

How is my guest charged the cleaning fee?
Guests are charged one set fee per reservation to cover the cost of cleaning following their stay. This charge includes the cost of cleaning, linens, and supplies and is part of their overall reservation cost that is paid at the time of booking. Additional cleaning requests are billed via Resolution Center or the Pillow Platform, on Airbnb or HomeAway/VRBO, respectively. This fee is then paid out to you when you receive payment for the reservation.

Click here For more information on what is provided in the supply and linen fees.

How are cleaning fees determined?
Guests are charged an overall cleaning fee that includes the cost of cleaning as well as supplies and linens provided to the guest. The cleaning base price is based on the number of bedrooms, sleeping surfaces and bathrooms in your property. Guests always pay the base price for a post-reservation cleaning. You can determine from your Dashboard to pay for linen and supply fees, or include that cost in the cleaning fee to the guest.   

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