Guest forgetting keys or lockboxes cut off

A guest forgot to put their key back after reservation

Anytime a Pillow vendor is at your property, a thorough quality assurance check for keys in the lockboxes occurs to ensure everything is in order for upcoming guests. In the event that a guest forgets to put your keys back into the lockbox, Pillow has systems in place to quickly replace the keys and ensure your property is ready for the next reservation:

  • Withhold $35 from the Guest's Security Deposit or open a resolution request in Airbnb to recoup the funds of copying and replacing the key.
  • Dispatch a Pillow pro to copy and replace the keys so that your property is ready for the next reservation.

The lockboxes were cut off. What is the procedure to solve this?

In the event that lockboxes are missing/removed from their placed locations, replacement lockboxes are needed in new locations. Removals of lockboxes by a third party (i.e. city employees, building management, etc.) must be replaced to ensure a smooth check-in experience for each guest.  As the Property Owner, you have the best knowledge of the area surrounding your property. As a result, lockbox placement falls under responsibility of the Property Owner. If you notice that one or more lockboxes are cut off, please notify Pillow immediately as it may affect your next guest's stay. Once you've notified us, Pillow may:

  • Work with you to find a new location for the lockboxes.
  • Schedule for a Pillow pro to copy and replace the lockbox and keys so that your property is ready for the next reservation.
  • In the situation where a guest arrives to the property without any lockboxes or keys available to them, Pillow may choose to cancel their reservation and ask the upcoming guest to reach out to their booking platform for relocation assistance.
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