Does Pillow handle requests in the Airbnb Resolution Center?

Pillow advertises property owners' listings on Airbnb as well as HomeAway/VRBO. One aspect that the Airbnb platform offers is a Resolution Center which allows users to communicate with their guests regarding any issues or additional requests made during their stay. Through this center you are able to provide refunds or request additional funds, dependent on the situation.

What is an Airbnb resolution request?

An Airbnb resolution request is a formal submission to request or provide a refund on a reservation that was booked via the Airbnb platform. These requests can be made by the owner or the guest depending on the situation. In a common example, property owners will sometimes request a guest to pay for damages the guest caused to the property. Similarly, a guest may ask for a partial refund due to an amenity that was listed on Airbnb being unavailable during their stay. For more information, please visit Airbnb Resolution Center FAQ.


When would a resolution request be submitted?

While Pillow vendors do not take inventory of the property, they do their best to notice any damaged or missing items caused by a guest. When a Pillow vendor notices damage at a property owner's property, the standard procedure is to have a Pillow representative reach out to the property owner as well as the guest regarding the damage or missing items. Upon the receival of receipts for any damaged or missing items a resolution request will be submitted through the Airbnb platform for the amount shown on the receipt.


Can I submit a resolution request while using Pillow?

Pillow encourages property owners to reach out to Pillow directly with any concerns that may come up regarding a reservation. From there, Pillow can work with the owner to decide if the resolution request is regarding a Pillow handled service or if the guest’s concerns fall under the property owner's responsibility. This allows Pillow to properly document and react to any situations that may occur during or after a guests stay. If Pillow or the property owner deems it necessary, either party can submit a resolution and communicate with the guest as well as Airbnb throughout the process.


Can a guest submit a resolution request while I'm using Pillow?

Yes, guests may submit a resolution request on Airbnb. If a guest feels they deserve a refund they may request a specific refund through this channel. If this occurs, Pillow will share this information with the property owner and communicate with them to decide on a fair solution. Pillow or the owner then has the opportunity to counter the offer with a different amount and communicate the guest, on the property owner’s behalf, and additional information or reasoning.


What if we are unable to come to an agreement?

In rare cases, guests may feel that they deserve more of a refund or are not entitled to pay for specific damages. If an agreement can not be made after 72 hours both the property owner and the guest have the option to escalate the issue to Airbnb. Once this occurs, Airbnb has the final say regarding the matter.

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