Cleaning schedules. When will the cleaners arrive?

Can I receive the Cleaning Schedules?

Pillow is currently working on providing more transparency around cleanings in your Pillow dashboard. Currently, you are able to see which cleaners are assigned to upcoming reservations and when cleanings are completed. Please be aware that most cleanings will be scheduled between 11AM and 3PM if there is a same day check in for guest or property owner. If you have any questions regarding the cleanings, please do not hesitate to submit a request and our Client Care team will be happy to provide more insight.

Cleaning priority is based on check-in times

Pillow encourages all guests to provide us with their estimated check-in time via the house manual. Providing an estimated check-in time allows for us to prioritize the cleaning schedule for that day and assign the activities appropriately. While we do all we can to complete cleanings between the hours of 11AM and 3PM we want to ensure that each cleaning provides the same attention to detail. If a guest is not scheduled to check in until a later time, their cleaning may be completed after the 11AM-3PM window we normally provide. For example, if a guest is checking in at 6PM, you can expect the cleaners to finish cleaning your property anytime leading up to 6PM. Additionally, please note that a cleaning may be completed outside of the 11AM-3PM window if your property does not have a same day check-in by either a guest or property owner.

The cleaners seem to be delayed. What do I do?

If the cleaners have not arrived at your property but you see that a cleaning is scheduled in your owner dashboard, it may be the result of a number of factors. Cleaners may arrive late due to traffic, parking, or other uncontrollable circumstances. If this is the case, our cleaning partners are trained to inform Pillow’s Client Care team who will then reach out to your guest that is scheduled to check-in and inform them of this delay.

I have blocked out my calendar. When will my property be ready?

Our system treats owner blocked out dates similar to a guest reservation. This means that your property will be available by 3pm the day of your “check-in” and a cleaning may be scheduled for as early as 11am on the day of your “check-out”. If you need to arrive at your property before the designated check-in time please block out the night prior to arrival. Similarly, if you plan to vacate your property after the check-out time, please block out the night of your departure. This allows our cleaning team plenty of time to prepare your property for the next occupants without disturbing or interrupting your stay.  


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