Can someone meet my guests in person during check-in?

When traveling, Pillow understands there are different factors which may impact a guest’s check-in time. As a result, Pillow has set up an entry system which provides your guests a seamless entry experience, without having to wait for someone to provide them with keys. This system creates a quick, easy, and cost efficient check-in system for your guests. However, should your guest experience any issues accessing the property, our Pillow Pros are ready and available to assist them.

Changing check-in times

Due to various uncontrollable factors affecting a guest’s check in time -- flight delays, traffic, etc -- guests’ actual check-in times may vary. Since Pillow services multiple properties across a given service area, lockboxes and keyless entry are the most efficient means to give your guests access to your property, on their own schedule.

Easy Access

With instructions emailed ahead of time and available in their guest app, guests are able to access the property on their own; this makes check out and check in easy for each guest!

Cost Efficient

Pillow aims to provide Owner’s and Guest’s a platform that is both efficient and cost effective. Providing guests the resources to access the property without meeting someone in person removes any additional service fees that would otherwise be associated with having a dedicated Pillow Pro assist with check in, and waiting when delays occur.

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