How does the Guest Service charges work?

The purpose of the Pillow platform is to care for your property and your guests on your behalf. This means that Pillow is authorized to resolve any issues on your behalf, up to $250, per instance.

In these situations, such as the dispatch of a plumber or the purchase of lightbulbs, the costs will be charged to your account upon completion.

Any charge associated with Guest Services is within a $250 threshold that Pillow platform consults before scheduling routine or emergency maintenance. Pillow will act on the Property Owner's behalf to remedy any situation deemed under this cost estimation.

The most common scenarios for Guest Service charges include:

  1. Locksmith Dispatches
  2. Handyman Dispatches
  3. Pillow Pro Dispatches
  4. Guest Stay Remedies

Pillow will charge any maintenance issues within 7 business days on your account, this fee will process in accordance with your Billing Schedule.

Emergency Situations
Protecting your properties value and ensuring health and safety standards are met; Pillow has the authority to act on your behalf above and beyond your maintenance preapproval limit to resolve emergency maintenance.

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