How does Pillow handle emergencies?

Guest safety and preventing severe property damage is a top priority for Pillow. In the unfortunate event that guests encounter an emergency situation at one of the properties we service, Pillow has put in place procedures that are meant to protect both the guest and the homeowner.

Pillow's emergency response policy

1. Pillow's first response to emergencies is to request the guest to get to safety, help others, and then call 911 for assistance.

2. Pillow will attempt to get in touch with the guest once help is on the way in order to obtain information regarding which property the guest is staying, and the guest's status. 

3. If successful in obtaining the property information, Pillow will dispatch a representative to the property to help the guest in the manner our representative deems appropriate. Pillow's representative will also take pictures of the property if there is any damage. 

4. If there is property damage or personal injury, Pillow will make an assessment regarding who is at fault and the severity of any injury or damage. Pillow will use this assessment to decide whether guests get refunded for their stay, if we move the guest to an alternative accommodation, and/or if we decide to withhold the security deposit.

In all cases, Pillow will attempt to notify the homeowner as quickly as possible in order to come to a resolution. Pillow is not liable for any damage to any properties served by Pillow, nor for any injuries to guests or homeowners. However, Pillow will attempt to take the necessary steps to keep all parties as informed as possible and attempt to find temporary solutions that benefit both the homeowner and the guest in the short term.

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