As an owner, can I use the Pillow lockbox?

For the tracking and security of your keys Pillow does not provide Property Owners with access to Pillow lockboxes. Keeping lockbox access limited to guests and Pillow vendors allows us to log who has used the lockbox keys and accurately charge the appropriate parties should keys go missing.

If you wish to leave keys at the property for personal use, Pillow is happy to assist in setting up a 3rd lockbox for you to have access to. This lockbox will solely be used by you and whoever you choose to share the lockbox information with. Once it has been set up, it will be your responsibility to change the lockbox code. Because Pillow does not maintain access to these lockboxes, we will not have the codes to this Owner Lockbox and will be unable to provide these codes upon request.

If you do not wish for Pillow to set up a personal lockbox for an additional fee, you can also purchase one at Vault Locks.

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