How does Pillow choose whether or not to accept guests?

Booking requests can either be sent through manual inquiries or a process called Instant Book. When bookings are manually submitted, a Pillow agent will compare your preferences to the information provided by the guest, to ensure they will be a good fit for your property. Factors such as number of guests and children/elderly suitability play factors in determining the best fit. When a guest books through Instant Book (aka. Instabook), they are responsible for looking over your preferences, amenities, etc. in the listing and making decisions based on the details on your listing.  


Pillow relies on the information in your dashboard to be up to date so we may accurately respond to any questions guests may have. This means ensuring that your calendar availability is accurate, amenities are kept current and that your booking preferences are up to date on your Pillow Dashboard.

Since your property may be listed on multiple platforms, it is important to note that each listing platform vets guests different. For more information specific to each listing please read Pillow’s article on the different listing platforms.  

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