Preparing your property for success

When guests book a short term rental, they usually select something slightly nicer than their own home. Many will judge their experience based on the amenities available and may open cupboards, drawers, and closets and expect to be able to use them to store food and other items. Below is a series of recommendations for preparing your property for guests.  

Preparing your space

We find most guests expect having basic property features available for their stay. This is why each Pillow property includes a kitchen, bathroom and Pillow approved sleeping surface available for guests, as well as curtains covering each of the windows for privacy.

  • Guests are happiest when they do not feel like they are sharing the space. In areas accessible to guests, we recommend that you remove all valuables and personal items (this includes items such as clothes, makeup, and pictures of family members). If you do not have an alternative storage area, you can keep a locked closet for your personal items.
  • If you do not own your home, we recommend that you seek approval from your building manager, property manager, and/or homeowners association to use the property as a short-term rental.
  • Providing specific amenities that allow guests to optimize the use of your property increase your properties value and book-ability, you can find more detail surround the specific amenities below.


Preparing your bedrooms, bathrooms and living spaces

The most positive reviews come from guests feeling that the necessities are provided for their stay and that they have enough space in each bedroom and bathroom to leave their personal belongings. While some basic necessities are supplied by Pillow, we recommend the following:

  • Providing a thick, colored comforter per sleeping surface as well as 2 pillows. With Pillow’s 3 sheet method, we will provide 3 fresh sheets and 2 fresh pillowcases per sleeping surface that will cover your comforter. However, we recommend that you routinely washing the comforter to ensure it stays fresh.
  • Protecting each sleeping surface with mattress and pillow protectors. You can find SafeRest mattress and pillow protectors on Amazon.
  • For properties without air conditioning, it’s important to have fans available for guests who might get hot. Additionally, it’s important to have extra blankets stored away or space heaters for guests when they get cold.
  • Providing additional amenities such as hair dryers, plungers, an iron and ironing board, hangers and a laptop friendly workspace will increase guests experience and make your property business travel ready on Airbnb.
  • Having a television with cable or smart -tv connector will provide entertainment to guests during times they may want to take it easy. 
  • Providing cleaning tools such as brooms or vacuums renders guests the resources to clean up any unexpected messes that may occur during their stay. In turn, this leads to less wear and tear on your property.


Preparing your kitchen and dining room

One of the advantages of booking a short term rental is the freedom to be able to cook within the property. The following recommendations optimizes the tools available to guests:

  • Creating space for guests' items in cupboards and emptying your refrigerator (except for condiments and unopened drinks) allows them the freedom to bring their own food.
  • Having enough seating space for guests to share a meal at your property. This will also prevent guests from eating on your couch and potentially staining it.
  • Having a fully stocked kitchen with pots and pans as well as dishes and utensils for 1.5 x the maximum amount of guests ensures that each guest has items available to them.
  • Providing additional amenities such as a coffee maker, water boiler, toaster, and microwave makes a guests stay more comfortable and will often lead to better reviews.


Preparing outdoor appliances

  • As the property owner, you know your property best. Ensuring a good placement of the lockboxes will allow easy access for your guests.
  • Outdoor appliances, such as a pool or grill, increase value for your listing. Arranging for routine maintenance of special amenities ensures they are available for your guests.
  • With many guests coming and going, it is important to arrange for someone to take trash containers out to the curb on trash pick-up days to prevent trash pile up.


Maintaining Services

As the account holder, it is important to make sure the following services are working and bills are current at all times:

  • Water
  • Electricity
  • Gas
  • Home insurance
  • Wifi
  • Short-Term Rental insurance
  • Cable, if listed as an amenity


Utilizing Technology

  • Your Pillow Owner Dashboard is your resource for all listing information. Keeping you calendar updated and accurate and only make changes to your calendar and listing within the Pillow Owner Dashboard ensure booking accuracy. , not on the listing platform directly. Fees and penalties will be incurred by owners, both on Pillow and Airbnb platforms, for canceled reservations which are not considered an extenuating circumstance.
  • Please utilize the dashboard to ensure that your listing descriptions, details, amenities and preferences are kept up to date. Accuracy and transparency in your listing will help set proper expectations with guests and work to improve guest reviews and booking rates over time. Amenities such as wifi information, cable and parking require the most detail and accuracy.
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