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This article describes how to deal with Airbnb resolutions in the Airbnb Resolution Center.

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Resolution Accountability
When guests initiate an Airbnb resolution request they will have to select a reason. They can choose from the following:

Reasons the guest may choose to submit a request may be dependant on their experience from a Pillow product or service, or reasons that the property owner is responsible for. If Pillow is responsible for the reason of the resolution, a Pillow agent will own the resolution from start to finish; whereas, if an owner is responsible for the reason of the resolution, the owner is responsible for addressing the resolution. Resolutions that go unaddressed can lead to a negative guest review.

Typically, resolutions regarding cleanliness concerns or request to change dates falls under Pillow’s umbrella of accountability. Owners are typically responsible for resolutions regarding listing accuracy, damages, or extra services [outside of Pillow’s scope of service].

Similarly, property owners may initiate an Airbnb request when there are reports of damages, extra services, or other issues with the guest. Owners may choose from the following reasons when filing a resolution:


How to respond to a resolution

Step 1: Airbnb notification of resolution
Property owners are notified via their personal email either directly from Airbnb, or from Pillow that they have an Airbnb Resolution Request pending. 

Step 2: 
Assess whether Pillow or owner is responsible
If it is deemed that the resolution is in regards to an issue that the owner is responsible for, our Client Care agents will push the notification to the owner and offer support in this process. If Pillow is accountable for the concerns brought up, our agents will own and address the resolution.

Another reason that Pillow may initiate a resolution request is when damages are found after a reservation and we need to hold the guest’s security deposit. Airbnb releases security deposits 24 hours after check out so if we find damages after a check out, we will start the Resolution Request process.

Step 3: Respond to resolution accordingly

Pillow or the property owner, dependent on which party is accountable for the resolution, may respond to any responses the guest may have until a resolution is found.

Step 4: Involve Airbnb (Optional)
After 72 hours, if a decision cannot be agreed upon, either party has the option to involve Airbnb to be the juror on the case; any decision Airbnb comes to is final.

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