Are the pictures you take final? Airbnb photography

Will Pillow take professional photographs

During the sign-up flow, you have the option to opt into the additional services of a professional photographer. Should you choose to pay for these services, Pillow will match a photographer to your property following the initial cleaning.

What is the benefit of professional photos?

Along with providing a professional look to your listing page, using professional photographs in your listing can rank your property higher in search results. Using Pillow’s photographers quickens the process of getting these photos onto your listing page.

If a professional photographer is coming, why did Pillow take picture of my space?

As part of the Onboarding, a Pillow representative will take pictures of your space as “placeholder” pictures so we can get you up and running. If you already have great pictures of your space, we may continue to use those. The pictures we take during the meeting will be of varying quality and are only intended as temporary pictures. For those concerned with image quality and early bookings, please read our article "Getting your first reservations with Pillow".

What if I already have pictures that I want to use?

If you already have photos you are happy with and do not want us to schedule an Airbnb Photographer, just let us know during the onboarding process and we'll make sure to use your pictures on both platforms.

What other resources are available?

Airbnb offers free professional photography to better represent your listing. You can submit a request through Airbnb and, depending on availability, can get matched with a photographer in as little as 5-10 business days. Once the Airbnb Photographer has taken photos of your property, it may take up to a month for your pictures to be uploaded. This is because Airbnb has editors quality check the photos.


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