Pillow's guide to using Airbnb while with Pillow

Whether you are new to Airbnb or have been using Airbnb for years, there are a few things you should know in regards to accessing and using your Airbnb profile when using Pillow's services.


How to Access your Airbnb account

You will still be able to access your Airbnb account when using Pillow. However, a few changes are made which allow us to respond to booking inquiries and service reservations on your behalf. These changes include:


  1. Your login email: the updated handle allows all inquiries to come directly to our server, allowing Pillow Agents to respond timely to any inquiries or messages from potential or current guests
  2. Your contact phone number: the number shown to confirmed guests, is a direct line to Pillow Guest Support. This ensures guest calls are routed to Pillow and not your personal number. If you were already an Airbnb host, please ensure that your phone number is not included on your Airbnb House Manual.


Your password will remain the same and completely hidden and secure within the Airbnb profile in order to preserve your password security. You will receive a confirmation email with all of these changes so you are able to login into your Airbnb account at your convenience.


If you need to set up an Airbnb account

If you're new to Airbnb, there are several things you can do which may increase the amount of reservation inquiries you get. While any listing changes should be made in your Pillow Dashboard, we encourage all property owners to ensure their Airbnb profile has the following:


A profile picture

Adding a profile picture that clearly shows your face verifies your account and elevates the searchability of your listing on Airbnb. For assistance in how to add a profile picture, please refer to Airbnb’s article: “How do I edit my profile or profile photo


References are a good way to build rapport with potential guests, during the initial phase when brand new properties are set live, with no reservations/reviews. Including references has the ability to potentially increase the number of booking requests new owners receive.  

As a new owner, you may want to ask some friends for references. For assistance in requesting a reference, please refer to Airbnb’s article: “How do references work

Verifying your profile

Getting verified often increases booking requests for your home. Airbnb has several verification options available and the more you add to your profile, the more trust you build with potential guests. For assistance in verifying your profile, please refer to Airbnb’s article: “What is Verified ID?


Add payout information

Payouts for Airbnb reservations will be paid to you directly from Airbnb, 24 hours after a guest checks in.  In order for you to get paid for these  reservations, it is imperative your payout information in Airbnb is up to date. For more information on how to update your Airbnb payout information read the following article: “Why am I not Receiving Payment”


Submit your W-9

Airbnb may charge homeowners up to 30% of their reservations for homeowners who haven't submitted their W-9. Pillow encourages our homeowners to check out Airbnb's information regarding taxes.Airbnb will usually send all tax forms to your address, and we encourage you to contact Airbnb directly with any questions regarding their most recent policies and procedures. The quickest way to reach them is to call: 855-424-7262.


What to avoid on Airbnb

Booking communication

Pillow performs all booking communication while on our platform. We understand owners may enjoy communicating with some guests, however,  receiving communication from Pillow agents and owners may be confusing for guest. If you notice any errors in the communication, please Submit a Request for our Quality Assurance department.

Multiple Listings on Airbnb

If you have more than one listing you manage on your Airbnb, but only use Pillow's services on some of the listings, it may happen that our booking agents accidentally answer inquiries for the listing that Pillow does not manage. This can sometimes occur because all Airbnb email communication gets forwarded to Pillow.To avoid this issue, Pillow recommends to keep the properties you personally manage on Airbnb on separate Airbnb accounts.  Pillow has implemented several solutions in an effort to prevent this from happening. However, if this does occur please inform us and we will work to fix any errors that may have occurred.

Changes to your calendar

Any calendar updates need to be made in your Pillow dashboard. Your Pillow Dashboard updates your Airbnb account on a daily basis. If changes are made directly in your Airbnb, the changes will be overwritten by your Pillow Dashboard, cancelling any changes made on Airbnb. To set your calendar availability, please see this article.

Changes to your listing

Similar to calendar updates, all listing changes need to be made in your Pillow dashboard. While Pillow will assist in uploading your listing pictures as well as listing description, it is your responsibility to ensure all of the information is accurate and up to date.

To add or change information in your listing description, see this article.

Traveling with the same Airbnb account associated with Pillow

There are several challenges you may face if you use the same Airbnb profile that you have linked with Pillow to travel. Pillow encourages for you to have a separate Airbnb profile for travelling to allow streamlined communication between yourself and the host. If you travel with the Airbnb account that is connected to Pillow, you may encounter the following inconveniences:

  • Pillow will need to forward all of your itinerary emails and email notifications related to your trip.
  • Communication services with your  host will be delayed unless you have access to your Airbnb app.
  • Your host will have Pillow’s contact information and will not have access to your personal email and phone number.
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