What is included in a Pillow cleaning?

There are two different types of cleanings completed at a property. When you first join Pillow an advanced cleaning will be scheduled to prepare your property for guests. After this initial deep cleaning, basic cleanings will be provided at the end of any blocked out period on your calendar and following all guest check outs.


A Basic Cleaning is scheduled at the end of each reservation or owner blocked out date and includes:

  • Floors: sweep & mop floors; vacuum carpets & rugs
  • Bathroom: wipe down shower, bathtub, toilet, sink, mirrors & fixtures
  • Kitchen: wash & put away dishes; empty fridge (except condiments and unopened beverages - items in freezer will not be touched); wipe stovetop, countertops & appliances
  • Living/sleeping areas: make beds & leave clean towels; leave unopened linen pack next to additional sleeping surfaces, such as sofa beds; wipe furniture & mirrors
  • Other: place trash & recycling in outside bins; restock supplies (toilet paper, paper towels, trash bags, dish/dishwasher soap & toiletries); straighten furniture & pillows

To see the cost of a Basic Cleaning for your property, visit your Owner Dashboard. Please note that when you mark your calendar unavailable, Pillow assumes you are staying at the property and you will be responsible for the cleaning cost to prepare for the next reservation.


In addition to the Basic Cleaning, a Deep Cleaning includes:

  • Bathroom: deep clean shower, bathtub, toilet, sink & tile
  • Kitchen: deep clean inside fridge, stove & microwave; wipe fronts of cabinets
  • living/sleeping areas: wipe baseboards, wall hangings & window sills; remove cobwebs; clean under beds
  • Other: sweep entryway, front steps & balcony/deck

You are responsible for the cost of this initial Deep Cleaning, but are only charged the cost of a Basic Cleaning. If you would like to schedule future Deep Cleanings, you will be charged the full cost and can submit a request via our Support Center.

Clean Fridge/Freezer

Pillow trains all of our Pillow Pros to clean each fridge in the same standardized fashion. This guarantees guests a consistent experience across all Pillow properties.

Our Pros are trained to:

  • Throw away everything in the refrigerator except for condiments and unopened beverages.
  • Ensure there are minimal to no spills or mold within the refrigerator.
  • Check that the freezer is presentable. Please be aware that our Pillow Pros do not throw away any items from the freezer.

Providing these standardized expectations allows us to proactively prepare a clean and usable unit for your guests.

Lockbox audit

If your property has lockboxes, Pillow Pros will check both lockboxes to ensure your guests have properly returned the keys. In the event that keys are missing from the lockbox, Pillow cleaning partners will reach out to headquarters so that the necessary actions can be taken to restore keys to the lockbox before your next reservation. Should your property allow the installation of electronic locks to your door, Pillow recommends that keyless entry is installed as this provides easy access for guests. If you think your property can support keyless entry, please Submit a Request and we can assist in setting up an installation appointment.

Replace linens

Pillow linens will be provided at every cleaning. Pillow Pros begin their shift by picking up clean linen packs from an authorized location. During every cleaning, the pros will remove previously used Pillow linens and replace them with a fresh set using the triple-sheet method. With the triple-sheet method, our pros will use one sheet to cover your mattress, one sheet to be placed below your colorful blanket or duvet, and one on top of your colorful blanket or duvet. Additionally, they will cover two pillows in white Pillow cases, for each sleeping surface.

We understand that property owners sometimes wish to use their own linens while they are at their property. If this is the case, please keep your personal linens stored away and out of site of guests while you are not at the property. Additionally, please remove your personal linens from the beds and lock them away prior to your departure from the property. Doing this will prevent Pillow Pros from mistaking your linens as Pillow linens as well as prevent guests for using them during their stay.

Report damage

As pros become more familiar with a property, they are more likely to catch broken or missing items. While Pillow Pros do not take inventory of everything at the property, they are encouraged to report any damages they find while at the property. If damage is reported, a Pillow team member will reach out to the Homeowner and the guest to inform them of the damage and discuss next steps. 

Pillow does its best to quickly and accurately report any damage and have specific procedures in place to assist in recouping lost or damaged items. To reduce the risk of losing valuable or treasured items, Pillow recommends property owners store all valuables away from the property or locked away.

Restock supplies

To ensure your guests have the necessary essentials at every reservation, pros will restock supplies as needed. These supplies are provided by Pillow and includes:

  • Toilet Paper: Two wrapped rolls in each bathroom (plus what is already opened)
  • Paper Towels: One wrapped roll in the kitchen (plus what is already opened)
  • Kitchen Trash bags: One trash bag lining the can and and extra beneath the bag
  • Bathroom Trash bags: One trash bag lining the can and and extra beneath the bag
  • Dish Soap: One small bottle is left in the kitchen
  • Dishwasher Detergent: Two Single Use packets will be left under the kitchen sink
  • Pillow Packs: One Pillow Pack will be provided per bathroom; this pack includes travel size hand soap, shampoo, conditioner, and lotion

In the case that your guest is requesting additional items we are able to deliver the requested items during a reservation at an additional cost.

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