Who is Responsible For Reservation Reviews?

Pillow understands the importance for positive reviews and the impact it has for both guests and property owners. As a result we have services and policies in place to encourage positive reviews for your property.

Does Pillow leave reviews for my guest?

By turning over your guest services to Pillow, you are also turning over the communication to Pillow. Due to the number of reservations that we service, Pillow does not leave any reviews for guests. Reviews are meant to provide an honest and candid representation of each owner's experience with a guest, and while we solicit reviews from guests on your behalf, Pillow believes it is important to not leave generic guest reviews that do not provide any insight on the guest or their stay. As the account holder, you are welcome to leave reviews for your guests, and doing so is at your discretion.


How does Pillow encourage positive reviews?

Pillow’s goal is to create a seamless experience for all guests during their stay. As a result, Pillow provides resources from start to finish that allow guests to rest easy. Part of this is focusing on the key services that encourage a positive guest experience including quick and friendly communication, easy key retrieval and property access as well as a clean and secure space that matches the listing description.

While we do everything we can to provide a seamless stay, if something unexpected happens, Pillow’s guest support is available to troubleshoot with the guest and provide solutions. Having someone available to assist a guest encourages positive reviews even if their reservation is not perfect.


What if I get a negative review when using Pillow?

At Pillow, we do everything we can to ensure a guest has a positive experience at your property. However, even the most successful properties on Airbnb will receive a bad review from time to time. After servicing thousands of reservations, Pillow understands that some guests expect hotel quality service and amenities and do not appreciate the quirks and uniqueness associated with staying in someone's home.

Should your listing receive a negative review, you have the option to respond directly to the review. The goal should always be to leave an empathetic response to negative reviews. Pillow believes this approach will reduce some of the negative impact on your booking ratings as other potential guests have access to both sides of the situation.

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