New Pricing Options from Pillow

Here at Pillow we are working hard to give you all the pricing options you need to optimize your listing.

Now You’re in Control

We have added the ability for you to set a custom base price for your listing! Setting a custom base price will calculate dynamic pricing around the value you set so you can determine what works best for you and your home.

Remember, if no action is taken, rest easy! Pillow will continue to optimize your property’s pricing; taking into account property attributes, seasonal demand, and local competition, and updating and syncing pricing to all of your listings daily.

Other New Features

In addition to a new custom base price, Pillow will now collect Transient Occupancy Tax, for HomeAway reservations only, on your behalf. Tax amount is set by default based on your area however you’re able to customize according to your specific tax needs.

New Supply & Linen Fees

Pillow is interested in giving your guests the best experience possible. In order to continue delighting guests there is a new fee for supplies and linens that will be added to each reservation.

These flat fees can be either paid by you, or charged to the guest as part of the cleaning fee when booking the reservation. If no action is taken these fees will automatically be charged to your guests.

Visit Cleaning Preferences under Settings in your dashboard to view these options or visit ourknowledge base to learn more.

Log-in to your Pillow Dashboard to view new pricing options and fees.

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