Pillow Monthly Service Fee

Pillow’s platform optimizes the profits you can make with short-term rentals by listing your property across multiple platforms. In the effort of setting you up to maximize your profits, Pillow encourages you to maintain an open and available calendar. As a result, in addition to the per-reservation service fee, there’s a monthly membership fee, which pays for the service and maintenance fees associated with listing your property across multiple platforms. This fee is waived if your Pillow account meets specific criteria.

How much is the service fee?
The membership fee is $49 and charged monthly to your account.

When is the fee charged?

The fee will be charged on the 1st of the month, based on your calendar availability from the previous month.

Is this fee preventable?

The $49 membership fee will be automatically refunded to your account on the same day of the charge if your calendar had 15 or more available nights in the previous month. If you have more than one property on the pillow platform you will not be charged a membership fee if at least one property had 15 or more nights available in the previous month. (In other words, if an owner has 2 properties with 10 available nights each, the fee would still be charged.)

Pillow services multiple properties on my behalf, is there a fee per property?
The membership fee is applied to your Pillow account, not to each Pillow property.

What is considered an available night?

Available nights are determined by whether or not there are owner blocked dates on the calendar. Guest reservations are considered an available night because the dates were open to receive bookings.



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