What is the Guest Reservation Cancellation Policy?

As part of Pillow’s goal to maximize the amount of bookings you receive, all Pillow properties are defaulted to a Strict Cancellation Policy for guests and cannot be altered.

Why is the Cancellation Policy set to Strict?
This Strict Cancellation Policy decreases the amount of guest cancellations you experience. It also guarantees that you receive a portion of income, whether or not the reservation occurs.

Does the Cancellation Policy Differ Based on the Booking Platform?

We hold our guests to the same cancellation policy across platforms:

For a 50% refund of the accommodation fees, the guest must cancel their reservation at least seven full days prior to the listing’s local check in time (3PM). If the guest cancels within a week of reservation no accommodation fees will be refunded. Additionally, unless a guest checks into the property they will always be refunded the cleaning fee.

When will the Strict Cancellation Policy not Apply?
There are three reasons why Pillow would not enforce the Strict Cancellation Policy for your guest:
1) You, as the Property Owner, have request for us to refund an additional amount
2) A double booking has occurred
3) The cancellation is due to an extenuating circumstance

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