Why is my property not getting booked?

There are many factors that go into the popularity of a listing and the likelihood of it getting booked. While availability and price play a large role, it is important to also to factor in the time of year and the information that is provided in your listing. If you have recently noticed a drop in booking requests or reservations below are a few tips to positively impact your listing:

  • Try setting your listing price lower so that you can build up some additional positive reviews for your listing. This article explains how to set your pricing. If you don’t have many reviews or a number of negative ones, this might be a great option to explore.
  • Personalize your Airbnb profile. Airbnb places heavy emphasis on community and trust; updating your listing with additional information can make your listing more popular. As such, we suggest that you add a profile image and fill out the ‘about me’ portion of your Airbnb profile, if you have not done so already.This personalizes your listing and encourages potential guest conversion.
  • Get tips from our Owner Support team. If you choose this option, our Owner Support team will take the time to review your account with you and offer some additional suggestions meant to boost your listing appeal.

For more information on why you may not be getting reservations, please see our article: "Getting your first reservations with Pillow"

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