Updates to your Booking Preferences

It has been our top priority to continually improve our product and service so that you, the property owner, can get the most from your rental while feeling alleviated from the hassles of personally managing it. These improvements are based on your feedback and we're excited to share the new changes that Pillow has made!

Fraud has been a pain point for many in the industry and we've pinpointed that last-minute reservations made through the HomeAway network (those made within 24hrs of check-in), are responsible for over 90% of the fraudulent bookings we experience.

As these last-minute reservations make up less than 6% of our overall bookings, we've changed our Instant Book reservation requirements for Airbnb, HomeAway and VRBO to now be made at least 48 hours in advance. In addition, similar to how Airbnb requires a photocopy of a person's ID to complete the verified ID requirements, Pillow will now require confirmation of a matching photo ID to complete all HomeAway and VRBO reservations. 

Our Client Care team will be taking these steps on behalf of your reservations in an effort to improve guest vetting, reduce fraud, and avoid the negative repercussions that surface as a result.

In addition, all listings across all platforms will now offer Instant Book options for guests. With Instant Book, you should see increased visibility over time through higher search result placement, due to the added benefits the feature provides in Airbnb and HomeAway search algorithms.

Overall, these added steps and changes will see improvements in:

  • Aligning all booking platforms
  • Reducing fraud and vandalism
  • Reducing double bookings
  • Improving listing visibility
  • Improving host response rate

We hope you're excited about these improvements – we definitely are!

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