One of your responsibilities as a property owner is to manage your calendar availability. An open calendar leads to more opportunities for reservations so we encourage you to open up as many days as are available. However, don't open dates you don't intend to rent, cancelling a reservation because your calendar is not up to date can result in penalties from both Airbnb and Pillow.

When you first onboard with Pillow, please update your calendar to reflect availability so that reservations are only booked for dates your property is available. Remember, guests check in after 3PM on the first day, and check out before 11AM on the last day. If you are opening dates after you are staying at a property be aware that our cleaners will be arriving on the day of your “check out”.

Setting Calendar Availability

1. Select the days you want to make available/unavailable for guests (these dates will be highlighted in yellow) > 2. Select "Available" or “Unavailable” on the right hand side > 3. Click “Save.
*Please note that available days will be white and unavailable days will be gray.

When setting your calendar availability, you also have the option to overwrite the pricing for specific dates by changing the nightly price. This is completed through the same steps of setting your calendar to available. However, prior to clicking save you will want to select “Edit” and set your pricing for those dates. Once a nightly price is set it will not be overwritten by any other pricing features.



Understanding Your Calendar
Your calendar in Owner Home is your tool to understand who is in you property and when. Each emblem symbolizes what platform your guest has booked your listing on as well as when Pillow services are taking place. Additionally, you are able to see the number of nights reserved, available or made unavailable each month.

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