Pillow Services


In this section you are able to select preferences for cleanings, linens, and supplies. You have the option to customize costs to be covered by you directly or to be included in the price guests pay for cleanings when they book. Total costs covered by guest will display below on your listings as Cleaning Fee.

Pillow charges a fee per reservation supply fee to cover the cost of providing basic supplies needed by guests for the duration of their stay. The Per Reservation Supply Fee can be included in your listings price for cleaning or can be covered by you. Similarly, Pillow charges a fee per bed to cover the cost of laundering and replacing linen for each bed after each reservation. This Per Bed Linen Fee can be covered by you or the guest, dependent on your preference.

For more information on what is included with these fees you can check out: What’s included in the Supply & Linen Fees?

Booking Platforms

Under the "Active Listing" section, you can click to view your live listings. It is in this section that you can also toggle your listings on or off. Some property owners have preference on what platform their property is listed on while others prefer maximum visibility and keep all platforms toggled on.

It is also under Booking Platforms that you can set your Guest Booking Preferences. This includes verification methods for Airbnb guests as minimum and maximum night settings. 

In this section of the Owner Dashboard you can customize your calendar pricing to override Pillow’s Optimized pricing or provide long term discounts. In setting a custom price Pillow’s optimized pricing algorithm will calculate dynamic pricing around the value you set. You can learn more about each customizable option by reading: Reservation Pricing and Custom Pricing Options

Syncing of Pricing

All pricing data syncs from Pillow to the Booking Platforms. This sync happens daily at midnight. Please note: if you make a pricing change on the listing platform directly, it will get overwritten by Pillow's pricing.

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