Property Information


The basics sections of your property information breaks down your property setup. This allows Pillow agents and vendors to better understand your property and its layout. This includes what type of property you are listing (home, apartment etc), the number of rooms and sleeping surfaces available as well as important information such as your Internet setup.


Sleeping Setup

In this section, enter the amount and size of beds that are available for guests to use. There is a section right below that allows you to claim additional sleeping surfaces so please do not include futons or couches as your bed count.


Additional Sleeping Surfaces

When it comes to additional sleeping surfaces, we only accept sofa beds and futons. Pillow does not support airbeds or couches as sleeping surfaces. It is important to accurately enter how many guests your additional sleeping surface sleeps, and add detailed instructions under the blankets section of Living Area Amenities for setup so that the guest can easily find and prepare this sleeping surface themselves. The benefit of adding an additional sleeping surface is that you may receive more revenue. However, guests are often less satisfied with non-traditional sleeping surfaces. Note: non-traditional sleeping surfaces are not prepared with linens prior to the guest stay; however, a linen pack is left for the guest’s self-directed usage.

Be aware that additional sleeping surfaces increase the cleaning fee price due to additional linen packs that must be left. Pillow recommends property owners to report all of the sleeping surfaces that are available in your home. Doing this ensures Pillow Cleaning Partners have the correct inventory to prepare all of the sleeping surfaces that are available.


Internet Setup

This section allows you to include you Network Name and Password so that guests have easy access to your wifi. Please also include the location of your router and any additional information that help guests or Pillow troubleshoot should your property experience any wifi issues.


Kitchen & Living / Amenities

The information in the Kitchen and Living Section as well as the Amenities section is what is presented in the House Manual that is sent to your guests. As a result, it is important that the amenities section is up to date with a detailed descriptions of the location and steps to operate each amenity.

Pillow encourages our property owners to look over the Amenities section after a Pillow Pro has verified details to make sure all of the information is accurate. It is also important to update this section should you add any amenities from your property or amenities are listed but are now not working or no longer present.

It is extremely important to your guests that the amenities that you have shown as available are actually available and working at the property during their stay. Should this information not be up to date during their reservation they may request for a refund or leave a negative review following their stay.

Should a guest report that an amenity is missing or no longer working, our Client Care agents will notify you and remove these amenities from this section. It is your responsibility to relist this item once it has been replaced.


Photos and Description

Always aim for accuracy and objectivity in all your settings and in the listing description. If guests get what they expect, they are more likely to leave a positive review and treat your property with respect. Positive reviews makes it more likely that you will see an increase the booking rates for your property over time.



The Photos section allows for you to upload or delete photos of your property, reorganize as well as update photo descriptions. The photographs that you add here will be added to your live listing pages for guests to view prior to booking. Don’t like the photos you have? Airbnb offers free professional photography for new users. For more information check out: Are the pictures you take final? Airbnb photography


Title & Description

Pillow listing writers will write or modify your listing description for you. However, Pillow encourages you to add specific details about your property that our listing writers may not be aware of. We understand that, as the property owner, you know the ins and outs of your property more than our listing writers. Below are some tips when writing a listing description:

Providing information that makes your property unique

Including information such as fun activities to do in the area and ways to get around will help make your listing stand out.

Avoid including amenities in listing descriptions

Pillow believes it is important not to mention specific amenities in your listing description. Amenities are highlighted in the "amenities" section in each listing platform and we strive to keep this accurate. We understand that the amenities offered may change over time. As a result, we  have trained our listing writers to not mention any amenities that are easily removed, damaged, or broken in the description itself. They do this to ensure that your listing description is accurate over long periods of time with high guest turnover.

Keep information accurate

Pillow writes or modifies your listing description in a way that is transparent and accurate. This honest approach leads to positive guest reviews and happier guests who will treat your property with respect. Positive reviews hold a much higher weight than listing description. If guests feel that the property did not meet expectations they are likely to let that be known in their review.

Part of keeping listing information accurate is by mentioning both the goods and the bads of your property For example, if you live on a busy street that makes a lot of noise, this may be good to note. Similarly, if you have a beautiful deck that guests can access be sure to share that piece of information! By mentioning both the good and the bad, you are setting your property and your guests up for success. This communicates honesty and transparency which guests appreciate and will remember when it comes time for them to leave a review.

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