Parking Permits and Garage Remotes

In our experience servicing reservations, parking permits and garage remotes are often lost or guests forgot to return them. Over time, Pillow has learned that items such as parking passes, garage remotes etc have become a pain point for the guest experiences and often result in owner's scrambling to provide replacement remotes and providing refunds to guest's if the parking feature is not available upon their arrival. To minimize the logistical backlash from offering parking permits, remotes, etc, here are Pillow, we have standardized management of this amenity to ensure operational consistency and service for all owners on our platform.

While Pillow understands the benefits associated with being able to offer parking as an amenity for guests, the complexity of managing property specific parking features outweighs the perks of offering it to your guests. Pillow is only able to support parking as an amenity if parking amenity is available without use of physical item (ie. hanging permit, remote control, etc). As a result, our platform is not set up to support physical parking permits or garage remotes, etc. Pillow Pros do not conduct inventory checks post reservation, this includes parking tools specific to each property.

Due to the logistical challenges that invariably ensue when a pass or remote goes missing, Pillow highly discourages owners from providing this feature on their own. Should a garage remote or parking pass be left at the property, the owner becomes liable for ensuring the item is available for each reservation and incurs any refunds provided to the guest, should the guest be unable to utilize parking as an amenity during their stay. Additionally, the owner assumes responsible for any costs associated with replacing the garage remote should it ever go missing or forgotten to be returned to the property.

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