Account and Billing Information

Under the account sections of your Owner Home, you have access to all of the payment and billing information associated with your account. To access this information, click your name (top right corner of your dashboard) and select any of the options below:  


Account Information

Under account information, you are able to update your contact information, login credentials and Pillow notifications. Please note that the contact information you include in this section is where notifications will be sent.

Payments and Billing

In this section of your account information you are able to change your billing frequency. Your options include: monthly (recommended), every week, every two weeks, or after every reservation. It is here that you are also able to change your payment and billing information.



For general earnings and accounting purposes, the statement sections is available to view past transaction. You can organize your statement in different ways depending on your preference. You have the option to view your statements by month, a series of months, the entire year, or year to date. You also have the opportunity to export your billing statement as a CRV. This can be done under options.

For specific questions regarding your billing statement, we encourage you to check out the financial section of our help center.

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