Keys & Lockboxes

How do I get inside a property?

  • Pillow installs keyless entry when possible, and 2 lockboxes with keys when not. In each activity, you will receive instructions and codes to access the property.


Why are there two lockboxes?

  • Pillow installs two lockboxes to prevent lockouts. Sometimes a guest may leave keys inside or lock themselves out, and having an extra set on-site allows for quick resolution.


How do I open a lockbox?

  • Lockboxes are opened by entering the 4-digit code (from left to right) then opening the box like a clamshell.


What are the stickers on the lockboxes?

  • The stickers help guests to distinguish the lockboxes: Green sticker = Guest; Pink sticker = Pillow (backup).


What if keys are missing from the guest lockbox?

  • Use keys from the backup lockbox. Once you are inside the property, look for the other set of keys. Also, guests may be delayed in checking out and still have them inside.


What if I am unable to find keys inside or lockboxes are missing?

  • Call Client Care immediately. This needs to be resolved as quickly as possible to prevent a guest lockout.


What if all keys are missing when I arrive at a property?

  • This should never happen, but if it does, Pillow stores a 3rd set of keys for each property at the storage unit. Contact Client Care for details.


What if the code doesn’t work for the lockbox?

  • Sometimes the numbers get jammed. When possible, hit the lockbox to unjam them. Cycle through the numbers again and make sure they are aligned in the center.
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