Cleaning General Info

When is a cleaning scheduled?

  • Most cleanings are on the day of guest check-out. There are other types of cleanings (see below) that may be scheduled at other times.


During what window of time do properties need to be cleaned?

  •  Between 11am and 3pm. Guests check-out at 11am and check-in at 3pm.


Am I required to bring my own cleaning supplies?

  • Yes, all Pillow Pros are expected to bring all cleaning supplies, including a vacuum, broom, mop, surface cleaners and rags.


How do I make beds?

  • Pillow provides 3 King flat sheets for each sleeping surface for you to make beds using the 3-sheet method. For instructions, click here.


Should I pull out a sofabed to make it?

  • No. Leave a set of linens neatly stacked on or next to the sofa so that guests can make it themselves if they will be using it


Where do I dispose of trash?

  • Instructions for trash disposal are different for each property and are provided in the ProApp


Other than cleaning, what else should I do while at the property?

  • Check that WiFi and other amenities are working and look out for any issue that may result in a negative guest experience. Report anything you find to Client Care.
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