Issues at a Property

What if a guest is still at the property when I arrive?

  • Notify Client Care so they can ensure the guest checks-out and does not delay your cleaning schedule.


What do I do if the guest leaves something behind?

  • If you see an item you believe was left by a guest, please notify Client Care. They will contact the guest immediately and likely create another activity to compensate you for mailing the item back to the guest.


How do I report a non-urgent issue at a property?

  • In the ProApp, push the “Report Issue” button to enter information and photos.


What are examples of non-urgent issues?

  • Burnt out light bulb, stain on carpet, slow leak in faucet.


What is considered an urgent issue that I should immediately report to Client Care?

  • Anything that may negatively impact a guest's stay is considered an urgent issue. Examples include missing keys, major damage, or a clogged drain.
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