How much am I paid for various activities?

  • The amount of compensation depends on the type of activity (including estimated time and difficulty of the activity) and ranges from approximately $15 to $110. Compensation amounts are visible in the ProApp.


When do I get paid?

  • Pillow Pros are compensated weekly for all activities completed the previous week. The cycle runs each Wednesday morning through Tuesday night.


How do I get paid?

  • Via direct deposit. Sometimes, it takes 2-3 days to see the deposit in your account, depending on your bank (and banking holidays).


What if I didn’t get compensated for an activity that I completed?

  • Ensure that you entered your payout information. If so, login to the ProApp and ensure that you marked the activity as finished.


How do I get reimbursed in case I had to purchase something for a property?

  • Send the receipt to Client Care and you will be reimbursed for items such as key copies, light bulbs or batteries that need to be purchased for the property.
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