Pillow Pro Requirements

What are the requirements to becoming a Pillow Pro?

  • You must have a working smartphone, your own personal vehicle, pass a background check, and provide proof of general liability insurance


Why do you conduct a background check?

  • Pillow conducts background checks to ensure the safety of all parties involved.


What constitutes a clear background check?

  • A clear background includes no violent crimes, sexual offenses, theft, property damage, felonies, or drug related offenses within the past seven years.


Why do I need insurance?

  • Each vendor must have general liability insurance before entering any Pillow properties. This covers you and the property in case of an injury or accidental damage.


How much insurance coverage do I need?

  • Vendors need Commercial General Liability insurance, including personal injury, contractual liability, and property damage, with a $1,000,000 combined single limit per occurrence.


Can I bring a friend to help me clean the properties?

  • No. All people entering a property on the Pillow platform must be background checked and have a verified Pillow Pro account.



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